How does the DONI smart sweeper do it?

The hardware configuration can not only improve the overall performance of the equipment, but also increase the reliability of the product.

Now there is also a hardware enthusiast, DONI smart sweeper, the first smart hardware product released by the DONIrobot brand.

Why the DONI smart sweeper?
We know the robot industry is an industry base used to light, electricity, network information, cloud computing, big data, all kinds of algorithms in the integration of highly intelligent industry, complex technology, r&d, and each function gathered many engineers, depending on the system engineering for the integrated design of platform, huge.
DONI intelligent sweeper USES the industry's leading 28 sets of import sensors, heating hardware.
Sensors are the equivalent of a robot's eyes and ears, eyes can see, ears can be heard to become intelligent products.
So, what are the hardcore hardware?

Radar, we call the sweeper's "heart", "heart" strong ability.
We know how the robot moves around in the process, and that depends on the radar.
A robot with radar is like a thousand-mile eye, capable of sensing objects around it.
As early as 2014, DONIrobot project cooperation with guangdong university of technology to carry out the "laser detection radar" this core parts in the future mobile robot research and development, for the future development of mobile robot is not disciplined by others, keep the core competitive ability to lay a solid foundation, the project also was named the 2016 major science and technology project of guangdong province, guangdong science and technology department issued by the "guangdong province engineering research center for intelligent robot" and dongguan production project.
The linear radar can effectively identify the surrounding objects and obstacles, combined with its own research and development of the I - ANT algorithm, and can realize radius 6 m range, 360 - degree laser range scanning, detecting ability for a commanding lead in the industry.

DONI intelligent sweeper is equipped with 10 sets of infrared sensors, which are distributed in various angles of the fuselage. It is mainly used to sense the surrounding objects and prevent the sweeper from colliding with the surrounding objects.
In addition to infrared, DONI is equipped with two mechanical anti-collision sensors to perfect collision avoidance.
Comes with the five group of cliff detection sensor, two raise detection sensor, such as when the height difference is more than 10 cm, can be judged as cliff state, or stop DONI, reorganize path forward, to prevent falling damage.

Automatic recharge function is also a sales window of DONI, sweep the floor machine with automatic recharge function on the market are numbered, DONI bring four sensors, automatic back when the power is less than 20% of the time that is accurate, timely and effective automatic charging.
Combined with edge cleaning the sensor group 1 and 2 set of virtual wall sensors, perfect indoor yanbian no dead Angle cleaning, 0.45 L dust box is also equipped with 1 set of sensors, can effectively perceive dust box installation.
Smart "think tank" leading science and technology, in addition to high performance sensor, DONI also pioneered the bluetooth double track 5 w + 5 w stereo, IP Camera remote video escort, mobile patrol housekeeper, such as function, is the ideal multifunctional sweeping machine.

28 sets of high-performance sensors, self-developed high-precision linear radar, independently developed i-ant algorithm, and the sweeper product of the sweeper, DONI was born.